Monólogo do Sofrimento

by :Nihus:

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:Nihus: is:

Sjükt - All Instruments & lyrics;
Emmanoel - Vocals & lyrics;
(except in Oct24 & Anasthasia)


released April 29, 2016

recorded and produced by: Nihus.



all rights reserved


:Nihus: São Paulo, Brazil

Nihus started in early 2015 with Sjükt recording all instruments, and Gris on vocals, formerly under the name "Wahn". After a hiatus of three months, the band returned with a new line up, with Emmanoel (from Gurum) on vocals.

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Track Name: Monólogo do Sofrimento (Intro)
-Com tantos seres insignificantes rastejando sobre o solo, e o verme a carregar este fardo sou eu? Em que momento da vida houver falhas de minha parte para que fosse punido com tamanha agonia?

-A existência é cruel, não é necessário que tenhas cometido uma falha em dado momento da vida, vivemos para sofrer, e iremos continuar sofrendo até o desejado dia em que tudo se findará.

-Até lá, já terei provocado meu próprio fim, enquanto meu coração bater, e meu sangue circular por minhas veias, sentirei na pele a dor da vida, que é tardia em levar-me embora.

-E quando esta dor sumir, junto com minha vida, não restara mais nada, além de minhas cinzas.
Track Name: Einsamkeit
My own mind deceives me
If so why to live my life have to be long
Just want a place where I can die only
All this time I was wrong.
I really thought something could
I'm dumb and I deceive me
Now I feel like a loser
I deserve to be alone.
Track Name: Blind
Through contradictions and all the lies
I can still see you with a pure smile, which was destroyed by the sands of time

I can see you, I can hear you
I can feel you, you're so close to me.

The storm comes, making all return to ashes, so ...

I can not see you, I can not hear you
I can not feel you, you're so far from me.
Track Name: A Hole In My Chest
As deep as the deepest abyss
As great as the largest mountain
As cold as the worst winter night
As devastating as the unexpected death

This anguish that only grows within me
Reminds me day after day, how cruel has been this existence
What a pity it is to live it is gloom ...
Such pain is what makes me want to sink into the hole in my chest.
Track Name: Amnésia
I do not remember why it happened
I do not remember what I did
I do not remember why this pain
I do not remember who I am.

I do not remember when love died
I do not remember when sadness came
I do not remember people around me
I do not remember why this agony.

There are no memories, there is no reason to go on, there is nothing to lose ...

I'm alone in this room with my empty thoughts ...

But I do not remember, so ... why?
Track Name: Ingens Vacuum
Viajando através das memórias, eu posso ver o oculto
Dentro das caixas neste velho quarto, as respostas e as perguntas...
Sufocadas pelo orgulho e ganância, tornando a existência um martírio
Vivendo a podridão, e a angústia deste estado de espírito.

Os erros de um passado sofrido, refletidos na agonia do futuro
Vivendo para sangrar a dor deste mal
Causado pelas ilusões do presente, tornando o caminhar exaustivo
Até o fim desejado... dentro de um caixão.
Track Name: Lights From a Distant Past
In My head, just flashes
In my dreams, just ashes
In my eyes, despair
Can you see My despair?

Now I feel the bitter taste of memories
I want to forget, but the pain always returns
As well as happiness, my hope is also dying.

Amid the cold night, I see lights from a distant past.
Track Name: Suicide
The afterlife relief, I most desire
The eternal soothing, anesthesia

Fear of life becomes greater , And I can not handle it
My world becomes hell!

I just need an escape valve
Not to deal more with the scum of the earth.

Contempt made me selfish
And now, I do not want to open my eyes
I want to rest in eternity ...
In the empty ....
in the abyss.
Track Name: Alone In Disgrace
Through years of apathy, I’ve seen brothers falling in contradictions
I’ve cried for the souls that couldn’t find the path of true
The will to pleasure is the iminent abyss…

Searching for nothing, in a sea of grief
Living a mistake, alone in disgrace
Track Name: Oct24
Tem dias que meus dias são meses
Outros dias que meus dias são horas
Alguns dias são imersos em aptidão,
Nesses dias eu costumo me isolar,
Enfiar uma agulha na ferida já amarelada,
Nesses dias costumo ocultar minha existência,
Ficar na inexistência de toda minha alegria...

Que me cerca, me rodeia, me aprisiona.

Tem dias que meus dias são insignificantes segundos, nesses dias, costumo ficar imerso em alegria,
Pois menos um dia, significa logo em seguida menos vida.
Track Name: Anasthasia
In the dephts of my insides
I can hear you fucking whisper
I can feel your arms to drown me
Everything fucking reminds you
Everything makes my heart shatter
Laying on the ground, I hear your voice howling deep inside.
Mankind? Rot!

The blood river is flowing in my life, and brings me your smell, rot!
Twelve blood drops are falling in the abyss, eleven of them are mine...
The bitter smell of love, my heart is rotten.

Can I lay in your arms?
Can I be part of your solitude?
Can I drown myself into you?

When consciousness has come
Thoughts lead me to emptiness.
And I can hear your whisper, calling my name
Your calming voice...abyss.
Shattered and rotten...
Track Name: Stuck (In Another Winter) [Gurum Cover]
I see myself stuck again this horrible winter,
Where my soul has its open scars,
Where my skin dries out,
Where this cold engulfs my being,
Where the lies come back to me,
Torturing each piece of my mind.
I'm human, I error.
Loneliness feeds me, and anguish becomes my lover!